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Minority Bank Assets, by Group, 2001-2021

The chart above shows minority bank assets by ethnic group, by year from 2001 to 2021. It details Hispanic bank assets falling relative to Asian bank assets starting in 2005. The chart above shows minority bank assets as a percentage of 100% by year from 2001 to 2021. It shows a decline in Hispanic bank […]

Mid-Year 2022 Minority Bank and Thrift Review

The number of minority banks in the US held steady at between 168 and 174 in the second quarter of 2022. Asian owned banks, concentrated in California, hold 51% of assets, with 77 institutions., Hispanic banks, concentrated in Florida and Texas, number 33 institutions and hold 42% of assets, followed by Women-owned banks (17 institutions […]

Fixing Abortion And Black Maternal Mortality Is NOT Up To the Supreme Court. It’s Up to the Fed…

Black women die in childbirth at disproportionate rates compared to their white counterparts. Research conducted by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) clearly shows that social determinants – access to nutrition, transportation, and healthcare——are crucial factors. See:

Repeal the Community Reinvestment Act

BankThink. American Banker Newspaper, June 22, 2022 Repeal CRA The Community Reinvestment Act was enacted in 1977 “to address inequities in access to credit for low- and moderate-income individuals and communities.” The law should be repealed and replaced. Like hanging a crystal chandelier in a lean-to shack, any efforts to revise the law are a […]


As reported in Black Enterprise Magazine, “While multiple reports have shown rising interest in financing Black-owned small businesses, a new study shows an underlying problem still remains. According to the “State of Minority Business, March 2022” report by Creative Investment Research, there has been less understanding of the core issues small Black-owned firms face in […]