Mid-Year 2022 Minority Bank and Thrift Review

The number of minority banks in the US held steady at between 168 and 174 in the second quarter of 2022.

Assets and number of minority banks in the US, second quarter, 2022,

Asian owned banks, concentrated in California, hold 51% of assets, with 77 institutions., Hispanic banks, concentrated in Florida and Texas, number 33 institutions and hold 42% of assets, followed by Women-owned banks (17 institutions with 3% of assets), Black Banks (19 institutions and 2% of assets), Native American Banks (20 institutions and 2% of assets) and Multi-ethnic Banks (2 institutions and 0.42% of assets)

Asian assets total $172 billion. Hispanic institutions hold $141 billion. Women-owned bank assets total $9.7 billion. Black bank assets are $7 billion. Native American institutions hold $7.6 billion and Multi-ethnic banks have $480 million in assets.

These factors point to a set of policies designed to assist the growth and utilization of these institutions. Our report describes and details these factors.

Mid-Year 2022 Minority Bank and Thrift Review ($450.00)


Summary 3
Geographic Concentration 5
Asian Banks 6
Hispanic Banks 7
Black Banks 8
Conclusion 9
Endnotes 10

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Research assistant: Nishanth Gaddam, Impact Investing Intern.